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Search, query and filter data

One of the most popular feature in the Worksheet Systems is an ability to explore data in the excel-like data grid.

It is very easy to find any of your connected database objects in the Worksheets Data Studio. Just type table/view/procedure or file name in the global search-box and open it.

Rows count

In the bottom rigt corner you will see a how many rows you have in your table and how many rows you can see in the excel-like data grid after filtering and limiting


Even if you have hundreds of millions records in your table, you will be able to easily filter through all important information with our robust filtering system. We have following types of filters:

Columns filters

Same as you would use Data Filters in Excel. But, it shows you a real number of rows from your database table including all filters already applied. It is very convenient to find a dublicates or to quickly column values

Toolbar filters

In the left bottom corner you would find a summary of all filters applied

Also, you can remove some of the filters from the popover

Filters URL

All applied filter that you specified are automatically reflected in the URL. So, that you can easily share with anyone permissioned. e.g.,High