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Connect to MS SQL Database

With Worksheets Data Studio you can connect to any MS SQL server database available in the cloud (e.g. Azure SQL, Google SQL, AWS SQL etc). Or if you are using Enterprise Version and have you own instance of Worksheet Systems. Then you can connect to any SQL database in your organization

Video Tutorial

Create SQL Connection

Click Create SQL Connection from the Home page or Menu Item in the Worksheets Data Studio


You can create multiple SQL Connections to the same database. Perhaps, you would use different login (in config)

If you have approprite permissions, you can modify data, create / delete database objects etc. Worksheet Systems does not modify your MS SQL database. Although

Explore database and access / modify objects

Once SQL Connection created, you can access your database with Worksheets Data Studio -[ConnectionName]. Then you will see a database tree for your particular connect


On top of SQL user permissions, you can manage who can access your SQL Connection separately. You can specify permissions to Public User (any authenticated or NOT authentcated user) or specific Worksheet System's authenticated User

Here is a list of permissions you can specify

PermissionsDescriptionUser AccessPublic Access
No AccessNo access to API or inside Data StudioVV
Read / SP ExecuteRead from table/view or execute stored procedureVV
WriteAlso, can read / write / deleteVV
SQL ExecuteEverything above + ability to execute SQL commandsVV
AdminEverything above + manage user access to this SQL connectionVV

SQL Data Api

Manage SQL Data API permissions to your SQL Connection. It affects any API client, including Worksheets Data Studio

Data Studio permissions

Manage Online SQL Client permissions to your SQL Connection.

PS: Users should have SQL Data API permissions anyway

REST api for SQL Connection

You can access your database with C#, Python, JavaScript or JSPython. More details here.